Sunday, 19 June 2011


Somehow I've never spent much time in the capital. Not sure why as I love everything about the city, but other than the odd family day trip to Madam Tussauds or London Dungeon, I never really did the whole save-up-and-go-on-a-shopping-spree-to-london kinda thing growing up. So when I organised a four weeks worth of work experience at More! magazine & Warehouse head office I was sooo excited to spend almost a month living in London!

Someone once said to see London, is to see as much of life as the world can show. & now I can safely say, he was right.

For the past three weeks I have been staying with a friend in North London while I gain some much needed experience in my much loved field of Fashion!
I've just finished my first week at Warehouse head office & two weeks experience at More! magazine, where I had the most amazing time! Being in the office from 9:30 till 6 everyday then coming home to a house full of girls.. I have been so busy & entertained, I found no time to blog. But here I am, alone in bed on a Sunday eve. The housemates have either gone home for Summer or are on holiday, so after a weekend of visits from the boyf & 'rents I thought I would post about my new found LOVE for London!

London is known for it's buzz and fast moving pace however I just loved it! I love the busy rush of life, as annoying as it is, people pushing, bikes whizzing past, vans here there & everywhere, most cars forgetting to stop for you at zebra crossings, office workers grabbing their Starbucks, it all just screams out people on a mission, life and excitement. All these people have a story & I just loved being apart of it.

The More! offices are situated in Covent Garden & I just couldn't help smiling walking around & taking it all in. Surrounded by the most amazing shops (all my favourites!) from Kurt Geiger to American Apparel, Aldo to H&M, and then the new ones I somehow have never heard of before, Apple Tree, Rokit Vintage Clothing & Destiny Shoes. I love cute boutique-ey shops that stand out with their bright exteriors so I was literally in heaven!

I've never really seen myself as a 9-5 office job kinda woman but to be honest with you, if it's in this city, in this field of work... I would love waking up every Monday morning to make a start on another busy week in the hustle & bustle of London's city life.

After all, London is the UK's New York so I shall have to tackle this city first ;-)

Daniela Dee.
. . .Xx !

P.S - I'll blog more about all the juicy details about both my work experiences soon, don't worry ;-) 

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