Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Versace for H&M!

Omg, I am soooooo excited for November 17th when the Versace collaboration launches!
It'll be sold in 300 H&M stores worldwide & online, so even if it isn't in Southampton store & I'm too scared to face the madness that I expect will be in the London stores... I will deffo be checking out the website at the crack of dawn! :-D
Donatella looked back at the house archives to reinterpret classic Versace designs from 1978 to the present for the collection and she described it as "iconic Versace pieces from iconic Versace moments."
It'll consist of 400 pieces for womenswear plus a 200 piece range for men & homeware items! I'm thinking pimp out my room in pillows & bedspreads!
I think it's really good top brands create collections for the high street, & I don't think it ruins the exclusivity of High Fashion at all. It's not like it'll be sold on the High Street constantly, it's a limited edition taster.
I loooove the bold, crazy, flamboyant style of Versace & actually have butterflies thinking about what the shoes will be like!

Could you imagine?!

Also, it launches two weeks before my birthday... The boyfriend has been given a heads up ;-)

& excitement!
Daniela Dee

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