Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Tube Thoughts...

During my time in London I've had to get accustomed to the wonder that is London transport - the underground aka the Tube. At first I felt a bit weary thinking I'd get confused & lost but to be honest it's pretty straight forward & I quite enjoy it now.

People - Watching on The Tube is pretty fun. Wether it be a loved up couple sat opposite each other, catching each others eye & smiling, depending on my mood I'd either find it cringe or cute. Lol. The lady attempting her mascara while looking into the back of her phone, the business man continuously checking his watch, & then there's the endless amounts of newspapers rustling, magazines turning, & the amount of diverse music playing from all corners of the carriage. Although, I'll never understand why anyone wants to blast their music out of earphones thaaat loud.

I always find my mind drifting when I'm on The Tube. Random thoughts. This morning I was thinking about technology...
Looking around, everyone's either flicking through The Metro (newspaper) or a book, then there's the ones scrolling through iPads, smart phones & Kindles. But when I glance down at their screens it's not games their occupying their time with - they're reading.
Not articles, but full on books. Tapping the screen to flick through the pages. Mental how far technology has come. & I'm only 21. Just think, when I'm 40 I'll bet newspapers wont even exist. I'll bet everyone will have some kind of smart gadget thing which they scan at newsagents or perhaps an electronic swipe device which automatically uploads the daily news straight on, then they can delete it straight after. Think about how less paper would be used in the world. Trees would be safer, forests healthier & our environment happier. It's win, win!
Glossy mags have to remain tho, obviously ;-)

One thing to remember about The Tube is how unpredictable it is. You could get on the same train at the same time everyday & yet one day could be ridiculously busy like sardine jam packed, busy enough that you'll prob want to wait for the next one, then the next day, at the same time, there could be hardly anyone around at all. A comfortable journey that you can move between trains at a nice pace. So that's why it's always important to leave that little bit extra, just incase, after all it's always better to be early than late, for anything :-)

That's all on The Tube, for now.

Daniela Dee.

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